Instructor Bio

Ginger Blackman                                                   
Merritt Island Swim School

I grew up here in Brevard County and love teaching lessons from my private, heated home pool here in Merritt Island where I live with my husband and two children.  We enjoy many water and outdoor activities including fishing, boating and hunting.

I became an Infant Swim Instructor in 2007 after watching my own children excel in lessons with my friend and mentor, Lisa Persse, in Rockledge, FL.  Being surrounded by water, combined with all the water activities we love, swimming and water safety have always been a top priority.

Since that time, I have taught over 1,000 children and trained many other Instructors here in Brevard and across the country and even as far as Australia!

I absolutely love working with infants and children and take great pride in working through all the emotions and uncertainty when a child first begins lessons and turning them into happy, confident swimmers. I still get goosebumps each time an infant rolls back and floats independently for the first time and feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment each time a child swims and floats his or her way across the pool with a big smile.  My primary goal is always safety and want each of my students to be equipped with the skills needed to stay safe, but I also want them to feel confident and secure in their skills and love swimming as much as I do!

Merritt Island Swim School is independently owned and operated.  I pride myself in providing you and your child the most individualized, positive lesson experience possible.

I look forward to providing you with more information on our programs and hope to work with you and your family soon!