Welcome to Merritt Island Swim School, Central Brevard’s leading Swimming and Water Safety Instruction provider with  Master Instructor, Ginger Blackman.  Founded in 2007, Merritt Island Swim School has taught thousands of infants and children aquatic independence and problem solving through highly effective, specialized swimming lessons. We are a proud provider of Swim Safe Now® Lessons, where students learn  to SWIM, SURVIVE & SAFELY ENJOY the water!

All Lessons are taught one-on-one  and are individualized to maximize the success of each student and provide the most positive lesson experience possible.

Empower your child with Aquatic Independence, providing them with a solid foundation for a lifetime of safety and fun in the water!

The focus of lessons at MI Swim School is independence and safety in and around the water.

Students at MI Swim School will learn to be self-reliant by learning to swim, rotate into a backfloat position to rest and breathe and other problem-solving skills in order to safely enjoy the water.

Our underlying philosophy is to match confidence with competence and help children become independent and safer in and around the water.   We want our students to learn to swim and have fun AND have the basic skills to be self-reliant. In other words, we want them to become aquatic problem solvers.

Please browse the website and complete the Contact Form for further information and to schedule lessons. You can also email us at info@miswimschool.com We look forward to working with you and your family soon!

For additional Certified Swim Safe Now® Instructor locations, please visit our team website at SwimSafeNow.com